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  1. 31 maja w wątku o TPMS napisałem:
  2. radix99

    Nowy XV e-boxer 2019

    Stawiam na 125-130 tys. Oczywiście mowa o e-boxerze XV 2,0..
  3. radix99

    Nalot na felgach

    Nie. Yokohama oznacza je, jako letnie. https://yokohama-online.pl/opony/bluearth-rv-02/ ZImowe są inne: https://yokohama-online.pl/opony/bluearth-winter-v905/
  4. Nie Peugeot 208, tylko Clio, nie Cio, tylko Audi A1, nie Audi A1, tylko Mini... Długo jeszcze?
  5. https://www.torquenews.com/1084/back-future-new-subaru-crosstrek-sti-brat-pickup?fbclid=IwAR3UAJ4aUGoSrG24I5ZcyEzkaTgxmilhOlh8D5a9-y7ApEEPGwsvhVVtMJo By Denis Flierl G+ Sep 9 2019 - 7:01am Back To The Future With A New Subaru Crosstrek STI Brat Pickup Check out what a new 2020 Subaru Crosstrek STI Brat compact truck could look like. Should Subaru bring it? Americans are buying lots of mid-size trucks, but how about a small all-wheel-drive compact Subaru pickup based on the popular second-generation 2019 Subaru Crosstrek? According to reports, Ford is planning on bringing a global Mini truck to South American and is planning on selling it in North America. GM is also working on a new car-based compact Chevy truck with unibody construction. So why not take it further with a new 2020 Subaru Crosstrek STI Brat pickup? Do you remember the Subaru Baja compact pickup? Subaru unveiled the first model in January 2001 at the North American International Auto Show. The Baja was the spiritual successor to the smaller Brat pickup, and like the Brat, Baja was based on Subaru’s wagon platform. Subaru could take the new Global Platform that serves as the architecture for all-new Subaru vehicles and use it to bring a new small all-wheel-drive pickup based on Crosstrek. You might say they already tried that with the Brat (Bi-drive Recreational All-terrain Transporter) and the Legacy Outback-based Baja, and it didn’t work out well for the Japanese automaker. The Baja featured Subaru's great all-wheel-drive system, making it versatile in a variety of road and weather conditions and it was meant to appeal to young consumers with a taste for the active, outdoor lifestyle much like the popular Crosstrek does today. But Baja had some serious issues. The small Baja pickup never sold well and had some flaws. There was no middle seat and it could only haul four people, and only a small portion of the rear bulkhead (the mid-gate) folded for cargo. The bed was small, and the ride height was only 7.3-inches but by the end of production was raised to 8.4-inches. Baja lacked power but was offered as a fun turbo model in 2004 with 230 horsepower, but it had an unattractive appearance. Subaru Corporation could use the second-generation 2019 Crosstrek as the basis for the new small pickup but they don’t have to make the same mistakes. It would be the ideal size and could offer the same removable partition that expanded the Baja’s truck bed to nearly 7 feet. This time, make the opening as wide as the bed to accommodate a sheet of plywood or other large items. Going even further, let Subaru Tecnica International get their hands on it and offer it in two versions, a Crosstrek STI with the Ascent-sourced 2.4-liter direct injection turbocharged four-cylinder boxer. And also offer it with an off-road package. Will Subaru bring an all-new 2020 Crosstrek STI Brat and an off-road version to create a whole new compact pickup performance segment? It’s fun to think about, but it’s not very likely. Bookmark the TN Subaru page and be sure to follow the latest 2020 Subaru Crosstrek model change reports on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Subaru Report. Tweet your Subaru news tips to us @SubaruLegitNews and we'll give you a shout out! Check back tomorrow for more Subaru news and updates.

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  6. Może się komuś przyda takie zestawienie. Zrobione przez zamorskiego użytkownika Crosstreka. "... Stock 2018 limited wheels and tire weight= ~50.5lbs Tires 15's in 215/75 r15 General AT2 31 lbs Yokohama G015 31 lbs Wrangler ATS 31 lbs BFG K02 32 lbs Yokohama A/T-S 33 lbs 16's in 215/70 r16 Yokohama G015 27 lbs Yokohama A/T-S 28 lbs Cooper AT3 4S 29 lbs Cooper AT3 29 lbs General AT2 29 lbs General APT 30 lbs BFG K02 34 lbs 17's in 225/60 r17 Continental Terrain Contact 27 lbs Yokohama ATS 28 lbs Wheels 15's Black Rhino Boxer 15x7 +15 16 lbs Available in gold Sparco Terra 15x7 +15, 35, or 50 16.5 lbs Available in gold Enkei RC-G4 15x7 +50 17.1 lbs Available in gold Method MR502 15x7 +15 19.4 lbs Motegi MR139 15x7 +15 ~22lbs Available in gold 16's Enkei RPF1 16x7 +35 13.7 lbs Sparco Terra 16x7 +35, or 50 18.9 lbs Available in gold Motegi MR139 16x7.5 +40 ~23-25 lbs Available in gold 17's Enkei NT03RR 17x7 +40 16.9 lbs Sparco Terra 17x7(?) +45 19-21(?) lbs Available in gold ..."
  7. radix99

    XV Lift

    Tu masz więcej zdjęć tego cuda:
  8. radix99

    XV Lift

    To przejrzyj ten kanał na YT i powiedz to właścicielowi tego XV 1,6
  9. radix99


    No, piękna reklama
  10. Rejestracja 13 stycznia 2006. Pierwszy post 20 stycznia 2006... o tym, że dzień później odbieram z salonu Imprezę, którą jeżdżę do dziś
  11. radix99


    Ludzie, są wątki o finansowaniu i zakupach samochodów. Co mają zniżki na zakupy w markach premium do e-boxera???
  12. radix99


    Ale wiesz, że to, że Ravka pokaże Ci, że tyle pali, to nie oznacza, że tak jest?
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