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  1. 22611-AK770 22611-AK771 22611-AK772 22611-AK773 22611-AM130 Are also applicable for reflash as a spare
  2. Do you use to disconnect battery and reset the ecu while MAF cleaning ? This may be the answer. Denso MAF used for turbo Subaru and for EJ253\EZ30\EZ36 NA engines is usually starting to lean the mixture out. And cleaning may solve a problem. EJ204 engine uses Hitachi MAF that is prone to enrich mixture when failing. And cleaning is not a solution. Hitachi MAF disconnected\reconnected usually revives itself for a long time. Nevertheless Hitachi MAF failure does not lead to middle RPM engine hesitation and just causing P0172 error CEL. Anyway logging will show the real reason of the engine hesitation.
  3. 15-21 degrees total ignition retard relative the optimal knock restricted value observed for EJ204 stock calibrations gives 50-70% torque lost. Compare logs for a healthy and hesitating engines.
  4. What model year are you talking about ? MY03/MY05 NA engine has a hesitation problem that may be cured by reflash. MY99/MY02 NA Left Hand Drive Forester ecu is prone to a permanent failure during reflash. MY00-MY02 NA Right Hand Drive Forester may be reflashed for a better performance.
  5. Shame on me but I am not still able to verify how the engine sounds, leaks and smells remotely... Having logs I am to point long distance customers to check things under question themselves. Russian customers have an opportunity to come to my location and do all the best.
  6. Ten years old Hitachi air flow sensor is often partially faulty. It adds about 100 mv output voltage from time to time. It is evident in the log when the problem arises. Engine drops down idle rpm when the accelerator released. The problem comes in and goes out by itself. Air flow sensor connections\disconnections very often postpones the problem for years.
  7. 2 Mirek: The car is healthy mechanically. The software is to be corrected to revive the car. Mr pysiak2247 did all his best. You may follow the same way as others did and reflash the original or spare ecu against hesitation. Subaru officials would like you to buy a new car. This is their primary business.
  8. Hitachi EJ204 air flow meter has a problem around the wiring connector. It often outputs more voltage and causes P0172 errors and the connector reconnected is usually solves a problem for a while. Denso EJ20\EJ25 air flow meter often outputs less voltage and causes P0171 errors. Cleaning may solve a problem and may kill the sensor. Thanks for the trick of using small ultrasound bath filled with IPA. I may try this solution for Denso controlled engines. The problem is that not all around are as lucky as you are.
  9. Impreza06 with EJ204 starts to hesitate at 2000-3000 rpm with 40-100 kkm on the clock. There is a factory software update that postpones just coming hesitation for about a year, till the warranty period is expired. And Subaru dealers are waiting you badly for a fresh car. The engine hesitation is due to false knock related ignition retard caused by over advanced cam settings. You need to reflash your ecu with applicable AVCS settings. There is no factory support for doing this. Another problem to be solved is a secondary air system failure not related to engine hesitation.
  10. There is no problem with airflow\fuel calculations on this model PROVIDED EGR valve is working properly. Try to disconnect EGR, clear learning ( reset error ) and run the car. Reset EGR related errors after your tests. If the car runs properly you may to reflash the ecu with EGR deleted and in accordance to your local fuel. Make some logging to verify the problem. Most often the key problem is false knocking but the cause is different for EJ204 discussed here and your EJ251 engine.
  11. This is common EJ204 engine hesitation problem. Ignition retard at 2500-3200rpm due to false knocking under over advanced intake cams settings.
  12. There is no way for plug&play EJ253 engine installation. EJ25 short block may be used with EL154 cylinder heads, applicable injectors and EL154 ecu software modification.
  13. There are hundreds of EL154 to EJ204 swaps here in Russia. EL154 - no secondary air system, EGR available EDM EJ204\EJ20F MY2006\MY2007 secondary air sytem, EGR available EDM EJ204 MY2008\MY2009 no secondary air system, EGR available EDM EJ204 MY2010 secondary air sytem, EGR available Legacy JDM EJ204 MY2003\MY2007 no secondary air system, no EGR, no manifold air pressure sensor, sensor connectors are different You may use the whole JDM wiring loom with sensors with its sensors OR use the whole EL154 wiring with applicable sensors This is the most inexpensive solution here in Russia. Exiga JDM EJ204 MY2008\MY2009 no secondary air sytem, EGR available Exiga JDM EJ204 MY2010 secondary air sytem (??), EGR available EL154 ecu is to be reflashed for EJ204 engine, used injectors and air filter box, to disable EGR and against 2000-3000rpm hesitation. MY2008\MY2009 EL154 needs some work on exhaust piping to make one sector wider to raise high RPM torque/engine power.
  14. There is no reason to restore EL154 engine. Here in Russia we use to install EJ204 ( EJ20F if LPG installation is a must ) and reflash Hitachi engine ecu accordingly.
  15. You will be disappointed by driveability of your car after EGR is enabled. The original ecu is 22611-AJ160 ( 2004 model year ) or 22611-AJ610 ( 2005 model year ) if your car is made for European market. Both ecu's are flashable on the bench. You may flash your original or an applicable spare ecu. Corrections: most probably 22611-AH840(841\842) Hitachi ecu for Legacy03-05 2.0L engine.
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