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  1. 95% that your mechanic is wrong. There is no evident problem with oil valves at room temperature conditions. Solenoid coils are starting to block solenoid cores moving at 85-100C temperature degree. Log your car riding from 50C coolant to 90-95-100C coolant and compare VVT angles sync\following to your current tune.
  2. AVCS timing should be verified by logging at the hot engine. 95-98% cases are usually related to overheated oil vavles. Most often new oil valves solve the problem. Sometimes camshaft sprockets or oil channels are to be serviced. Faulty position sensors will cause CELs, usually not directly pointing to the sensors or may prevent engine starting.
  3. Engine mechanical noise is rising due to aging. The knock detection algorithm is calibrated for a factory new engine and has a drawback for noisy engine operation. Subaru staff knows this problem from about 2006. And makes EJ204\EJ20F engine ecu calibrations applicable just for 3-5 years old engines. There are no software updates after warranty period. You are welcome to buy a new car after that period. Within a warranty useless "engine combustion chamber cleaning" is recommended. It is black marketing from my personal point of view. All Ladies
  4. The most recent update postpones just come hesitation for about a year. And does nothing after warranty period...
  5. Alternatively a spare ecu may be sourced in Russia and a ready to go solution may be sent. Final tune according to the local fuel is done remotely if needed. There is also a lot of spares in Poland at hand of my customers.
  6. 2 morosek: You are to log the engine while running. And verify VVT angle left\VVT angle rigth values Vs engine RPM and engine load. It is almost impossible to have AVCS system working properly with 200 kkm on the clock and original oil valves. Neither EGR nor secondary air system you are going to clean are related to 2000-3000 rpm flat spot.
  7. First of all you are to tune the ecu against false knock detection that is the cause of 2000-3000rpm hesitation. Remove a rusty secondary air system and a clogged EGR. Nothing but a throttle body needs to be cleaned. Inspect and recover AVCS if needed if there is 100+ kkm on the clock.
  8. Subaru has no profit if you revive your 15 years old car. They need to sell new models badly. D5854EC7 update just postponed 2000-3000 rpm flat spot to the end of a warranty period coming in 2010-2012.
  9. D5854EC7 is the most recent. And is still useless. You are welcome to buy a new car.
  10. Sasha_A80


    EJ204\EJ20F engine CR is above 10.5. There is no much room for boost pressure. I have never heard a positive result for compressor installations for EJ204 and EJ253 Subaru NA engines. MAF is always fooled by a compressor air flow\swirl. There were positive result for a compressor installed on to MY99-MY05 EJ15\EJ16\EJ201\EJ202 engines that do not use an airflow sensor and has moderate CR from the factory. All of them were (long going) projects not everyday family cars. The most used options here in Russia are as follows: -EJ20X\EJ20Y engine swa
  11. There is no deep 2-3 k rpm engine hesitation in the logs. The common flat spot problem is just coming and this is probably the cause why the previous owner sold the car. Anyway the solution exists and you may fix the problem when the driveability becomes inapplicable.
  12. Without an applicable software ELM compatible Vgate dongle is not very useful for in-depth Subaru diagnostics. Most probably JDMscan from Google Play is already applicable for your car. I can not say for sure. Almost any cheap China k-line cable is applicable. I provide an applicable cable together with the reworked ecu. Immo maybe copied from the original ecu in advance or later.
  13. A spare ecu may be sourced here in Russia. If you have a keyless start system a copy of immo sync will be needed. Otherwise a spare may be sent with immo disabled. An applicable cable for logging and ecu recalibration is provided. The original immo may be copied by means of that cable or any k-line adapter. Calibrations for petrol, LPG, E85 are provided at no additional cost. If any k-line cable is available it will be useful to have some logs for diagnostics. I am not sure that according to forum rules this is an applicable place to disc
  14. This is not a factory software update. A lot of forum members and other Subaru owners had sent the ecu to my location for ecu reflash. You may routinely ask them if they are satisfied by results.
  15. There is a solution since 2013. AVCS setting and knock strategy are to be recalibrated. MY10\MY11 EJ204 equipped Legacy\Forester were not able to leave a dealer without evident hesitation problem.
  16. I have never seen EZ30 that may run more than 50 kkm on LPG here in Russia. Nevertheless it is claimed that LPG compatible EZ30 engines were manufactured and probably sold in the Europe.
  17. As to my experience I have never seen those ecu's modified/reflashed. Moreover I am not sure there is a need to reflash those cars. Verify O2sensor voltage while driving. This is the only thing you may check yourself without an obsolete SSM1 scanner.
  18. 22611-AK770 22611-AK771 22611-AK772 22611-AK773 22611-AM130 Are also applicable for reflash as a spare
  19. Do you use to disconnect battery and reset the ecu while MAF cleaning ? This may be the answer. Denso MAF used for turbo Subaru and for EJ253\EZ30\EZ36 NA engines is usually starting to lean the mixture out. And cleaning may solve a problem. EJ204 engine uses Hitachi MAF that is prone to enrich mixture when failing. And cleaning is not a solution. Hitachi MAF disconnected\reconnected usually revives itself for a long time. Nevertheless Hitachi MAF failure does not lead to middle RPM engine hesitation and just causing P0172 error CEL. Anyway logging will s
  20. 15-21 degrees total ignition retard relative the optimal knock restricted value observed for EJ204 stock calibrations gives 50-70% torque lost. Compare logs for a healthy and hesitating engines.
  21. What model year are you talking about ? MY03/MY05 NA engine has a hesitation problem that may be cured by reflash. MY99/MY02 NA Left Hand Drive Forester ecu is prone to a permanent failure during reflash. MY00-MY02 NA Right Hand Drive Forester may be reflashed for a better performance.
  22. Shame on me but I am not still able to verify how the engine sounds, leaks and smells remotely... Having logs I am to point long distance customers to check things under question themselves. Russian customers have an opportunity to come to my location and do all the best.
  23. Ten years old Hitachi air flow sensor is often partially faulty. It adds about 100 mv output voltage from time to time. It is evident in the log when the problem arises. Engine drops down idle rpm when the accelerator released. The problem comes in and goes out by itself. Air flow sensor connections\disconnections very often postpones the problem for years.
  24. 2 Mirek: The car is healthy mechanically. The software is to be corrected to revive the car. Mr pysiak2247 did all his best. You may follow the same way as others did and reflash the original or spare ecu against hesitation. Subaru officials would like you to buy a new car. This is their primary business.
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