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Automatic Climate Control cos chce od Ciebie :mrgreen:




chyba ze to acc ze stacyjki. :shock:




“ACC” in the clock display means there is a problem in the Accessory power source – in other words, the 12 volts that is routed from the battery through the ignition switch ACC contacts.


When the ignition switch is in the ACC position, it provides power to a number of accessories as well as some control modules. In addition to the clock, there's the rear wiper, rear washer, nav system, front wiper and washer. Each of these has a separate fuse. If they all work normally, but in ACC position the clock and radio do not display, then fuse #24 (15 Amp) is the one to look at first. It's located in the fuse box under the dash on the driver's side. It could be loose in its clips, or defective. Or the connector on the clock/info display module could be loose.


Also, where did you tie in for power for the Ipod? is it possible that something was affected when you worked on it, but is only showing up now?


P.S. The fact that everything seems to work later, but not when first started in the morning (presumably it's getting cooler at night now in your area) might mean that whatever is causing the problem is temperature sensitive.


pytanie brzmi: czy dlubales przy kablach ostatnio?

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