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O zawieszeniu innaczej... w my06-07xt


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Szukając dalej ciekawych rozwiązań dotyczących zawieszenia w forku dotarłem aż tu... ozfoz.com

(podziękowania za ten link dla forumowicza Anakinsky)


With the recent myth-busting regarding GC8 rear strut hats fitting Foresters, here's some clarification on the matter once and for all. If anything needs to be added or amended please let me know! Thanks to staples, BJM, bertjamsam, magus and 20INCH on GTrydaz for their input.


All SF and SG Foresters share the same strut hat stud spacing as each other (both front and rear).


The rear strut hat stud spacing is the same as the MY01+ WRX (GD models etc). This means factory or aftermarket struts/coilovers require strut hats that suit these models (or factory Forester strut hats). This is the Forester and GD WRX/STI rear strut hat stud spacing:


[ http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v636/pete_mac/strutspacingmarkedup.jpg ]





The front strut hat stud spacing is the same on both GC and GD WRXs and STIs. This means that factory or aftermarket that suit these models should have the correct strut hat stud spacing for the Forester.


However, there is a difference in the front strut hat stud orientation. The SF Foresters and GC Imprezas have the same front strut hat stud orientation. The SG Foresters and GD Imprezas have strut hats which are rotated in terms of the stud orientation. The front strut hats are seated on a ball bearing top to enable the strut assembly to rotate along with the steering of the car, so it is very simple to orientate the front strut hats correctly for your application. The only forseeable issue that this may cause is when GD-style coilvers are fitted in the front of SF Foresters. Given that the GD coilover strut hats may be optimised to allow camber and caster adjustment when fitted in a certain orientation, turning the strut hat may affect this adjustment.


You can see the different strut hat stud orientation here:


[ http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v636/pete_mac/sf5frontstrut.jpg ]


[ http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v636/pete_mac/foresterror005.jpg ]





SO... what's the go re: suspension compabibility?


Hopefully the below table helps to clarify the situation. If it requires amendment please let me know!



NOTE: For the purposes of cross-referencin

Version 1 and 2 = approx. MY94-96

Version 3 = MY97

Version 4 = MY98

Version 5 = MY99

Version 6 = MY00

Version 7 = MY01+ (Version 8 is somewhere after this)




[ http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v636/pete_mac/strutsandsprings3.jpg ]


koledzy z dalekiej Australii podobierali zawieszenia z wrx/sti do forków :mrgreen:


-- Śr lut 29, 2012 5:17 pm --


So if i was to use 03-04 sti springs and shocks in my 07xt how much lower would it sit over standard.

I want to go a bit lower but not crazy low and undriveable.


Approx. 70-75mm lower than stock. It still gives you quite decent ground clearance (ie. 130mm or so).


So i have recently sourced a set of 04 STI struts and springs complete with tophats etc. Are these a direct swap into the forester or do i need to use my existing top hats?


should bolt straight up!


GD WRX will bolt straight in. That's 01-07. And 01-04 STi will also bolt straight in.

Thanx for that


-- Śr lut 29, 2012 11:22 pm --


dostałem takie foto jak wygląda na sg5

If the 07 is anything like the 04 it will sit like this


[ http://ozfoz.com/forum/download/file.php?id=18526&mode=view ]



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