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Subaru Summer Fest 2011 @ Latvia - invitation...


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On 6th-7th of August, 2011, Subaru car owners and users gathering – Subaru Summer Fest 2011, will take place in territory of sport complex “333”, Latvia. This event will be held by second consecutive year and thanks to the official Subaru dealer in Latvia – AD REM Auto, this will be the most exciting event this summer for sure. Same as previous year the organizers of this event are society Subaru Power Club in cooperation with portal subarupower.lv.


The main objective of the event is to unite Subaru owners in Latvia and around Europe to popularize the brand of Subaru. So, we are pleased to invite all the users of Subaru, fans, friends and relatives to join this event and have a good time and fun during all day long in Subaru atmosphere.


As traditionally, the day will start with a convoy of Subaru cars through Riga city to the place where event will be held. That’s why on the morning of 6th of August we will gather at trade, fashion and entertainment center “Riga Plaza” from 9:00am to start our way to the territory of event at 10:00am as the convoy.


For those who for some reasons can’t attend convoy trip, be informed that the official start of the event is at 12:00pm in the territory of sport complex “333” where games, attractions and competitions for the prizes from sponsors will begin.


There will be a catering available for participants during the event, also the car parking and a place for swimming in the territory. DJ will guarantee a fan of music all day-night long. For those who will make a long distance to come or will stay there till next day, a special tent places are available.


There will be an individual and team relay races as well as the competitions for children and women during the day of the event, so be sure not to leave any at home, because this is the entertainment for whole family! Also the special show from Subaru racing drivers will be held in the track and the official Subaru dealer in Latvia – AD REM Auto, are going to expose the new models of Subaru cars. In general – we will have a lot of fun, so you have to be there – don’t miss it!


Preliminary plan of the event:


6th of August

9:00am – gathering at trade, fashion and entertainment center “Riga Plaza”

10:00am – start of Subaru convoy trip to the territory of the event

11:00am – arrival of convoy at sport complex “333”

12:00pm – official opening of the event

Till 7:00pm – variety of attractions, competitions, shows

8:00pm – the prize giving ceremony for teams

After party with DJ


7th of August

Till 2:00pm – breakfast, take a rest in free mode


The entry fee for this year’s event is 7 EUR per driver with car + 5 EUR per each passenger. For children entry is free.


IMPORTANT: To facilitate the work and planning of the organizers, please register for the event by sending an application letter to the e-mail info@subarupower.lv with the following details:


- subject - Subaru Summer Fest 2011

- name, surname of the applicant

- the model and plate number of Subaru

- number of adults (incl. driver)

- number of children to attend


General sponsor of the event – AD REM Auto.

Sponsors - MOTUL, Texaco, PKP, Susurs Racing, Latsign, 333, iAuto.lv and Go4Speed.lv.

Organizers – society Subaru Power Club in cooperation with portal subarupower.lv.


For the detailed information of the event please check the official web-page of Subaru Summer Fest 2011 – subarupower.lv. You can also ask the questions in forum.


See you in 6th of August!




-- 27 cze 2011, o 22:04 --


The location of sport complex "333" --> http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UTF8& ... b6ea3042f6

The location of trade, fashion and entertainment center “Riga Plaza” --> http://maps.google.lv/maps?q=M%C5%ABkus ... 33023&z=16


-- 3 sie 2011, o 12:13 --


Hey, guys! It's just a few days till the biggest Subaru event in Latvia! Anyone? ;)

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