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błąd Er aa


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"AA" :?:


Dostępne kody na wyświetlaczu :


Er IU - Malfunction in integrated module

Er -- - Simultaneous malfunction of high/low speed CAN communication

Er HC - High-speed CAN communication failure

Er LC - Low-speed CAN communication failure

Er EG - EGI Communication failure

Er TC - TCM Communication failure

Er Ab - ABSCM/VDCCM Communication failure

Er SP - ABSCM/VDCCM DTC information,vehicle speed pulse malfunction

Er SS - Wheel speed data malfunction


Najprościej będzie chyba zrobić pełną komputerową diagnostykę...


EDIT: TUTAJ w drugim poście melayout w załączniku podaje tabelkę błędów "licznikowych"

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I'm sorry, I only speak English. 


I just bought a 2009 Subaru Legacy that sometimes has ER AA in the odometer. You mentioned that the issue was due to a wrong connection of the computer. Can you explain? I really need to find the answer, but it sounds like only a few people have ever posted about this, and nobody else has found a solution.


Thank you 

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