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WRX 2001 ABS


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piotrgarwolin, nie ma problemu, żeby wymrugrać błędy ABS w Twoim aucie.




ABS DTC list


11 – Start Code, DTC is shown after start code, Only start code is shown in normal condition


Abnormal ABS sensor, open circuit or voltage too high

21 – front right ABS sensor

23 – front left ABS sensor

25 – rear right ABS sensor

27 – rear left ABS sensor


Abnormal ABS sensor, abnormal ABS sensor signal

22 – front right ABS sensor

24 – front left ABS sensor

26 – rear right ABS sensor

28 – rear left ABS sensor

29 – any one of four


Abnormal solenoid valve circuits in ABS control module and hydraulic unit

31 – Front right inlet valve

32 – Front right outlet valve

33 – Front left inlet valve

34 – Front left outlet valve

35 – Rear right inlet valve

36 – Rear right outlet valve

37 – Rear left inlet valve

38 – Rear left outlet valve


41 – Abnormal ABS control module

42 – Source voltage is abnormal

44 – A combination of AT control abnormal

51 – Abnormal valve relay

52 – Abnormal motor and/or motor relay

54 – Abnormal stop light switch

56 – Abnormal G sensor output voltage


Jakbyś miał problemy to w poniedziałek jestem koło Garwolina, pomogę.

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