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Forester 2022


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Wg. opisu ma się pojawić również w wersji 1.8 turbo 174KM 300Nm. Tylko czy w Europie także będzie można na takiego liczyć ?

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W dniu 4.08.2021 o 11:37, McSudi napisał:

Wg. opisu ma się pojawić również w wersji 1.8 turbo 174KM 300Nm. Tylko czy w Europie także będzie można na takiego liczyć ?

Wersja 1,8DIT zastąpiła w Japonii 2,5i jeszcze przed liftingiem. U nas 2,5i niestety nie było, więc na 1,8DIT w EU bym nie liczył.

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2 minuty temu, aflinta napisał:

Według tego samego portalu Forester Wilderness miał dostać 2,4DIT... a zostało wsadzone tam 2,5i. To wszystko są spekulacje. Dla USA Rosja to też Europa.

masz rację, ten silnik 1.8 i 175 koni, mieści się w normach emisji eu, więc może?

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Teraz, sebn5 napisał:

masz rację, ten silnik 1.8 i 175 koni, mieści się w normach emisji eu, więc może?

Też na to liczę po cichu, choć pewnie wcześniej taka jednostka trafi do OBK. Ale to tylko moje domysły bez żadnego głębszego uzasadnienia.

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Wersja Wilderness wygląda fantastycznie! Ciekawe czy jest jakaś szansa by była osiągalna w Europie?

Tutaj test w warunkach zimowych:


Polecam kanał do oglądnięcia, sporo Subaraków testują :)

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Notka prasowa od Subaru Europe:


Introducing the 2022 Subaru Forester e-BOXER

  • Celebrates 25th anniversary with refreshed, best-equipped version to date
  • Features latest version of EyeSight Diver Assist Technology with 11 safety functions - 3 newly added - all standard equipment
  • Built on Subaru Global Platform for a more comfortable and improved ride
  • Equipped with enhanced dual-mode X-Mode 


Zaventem, 11 January 2022 – Subaru Europe, subsidiary of Subaru Corporation, today announced the introduction of the 2022 Model Year of the Subaru Forester.


Since its debut in 1997, the Forester has been a popular choice among customers, establishing its trust as a safe, fun and reliable package.

Over the last 25 years, the Forester has sold over 357,000 units in Europe, establishing itself as one of the best-sellers in the line-up. Its accumulated global production reach about 4.5 million units.

The latest model Forester presents a refreshed version, offering new safety functions, more capability, new convenience features, and improved driving dynamics.


The 2022MY Forester is safer than ever, equipped with newly advanced safety technologies available as standard on the latest 4th generation EyeSight Driver Assist Technology. The enhanced safety system features a wider field of view, almost doubled, available with 11 safety functions, and among which 3 new functions were added, such as Automatic Emergency Steering, Adaptive Cruise control with Lane Centering, Lane Departure Prevention recognizing also dividing line like grass or road edge.

The Pre-Collision Braking System offers now expanded support for collision avoidance at intersections.


Driver Monitoring System, Subaru’s facial recognition technology that alerts the driver of fatigue or distraction while on the road, as well as automatically adjusting driver settings for seat position, door mirror angles, and air-conditioning preferences, has been enhanced for the 2022MY Forester with a new gesture control function, allowing the driver to raise and lower the set temperature of the automatic climate control system through hand gestures.


It is built on the Subaru Global Platform (SGP) that offers dynamic performance resulting in superior handling and stability, improved hazard avoidance performance, a more responsive steering, and exceptionally low vibrations. The improved coil springs and dampers of front and rear suspension provide a more refined ride comfort and a more agile handling.


The latest Forester continues the model’s tradition of offering a car-like ride and handling with the capability of an SUV. Standard symmetrical full-time all-wheel drive (S-AWD), a trademark of Subaru’s vehicles, provides all-weather confidence and capability, while standard active torque vectoring offers improved handling and cornering performance.


The MY2022 Forester offers a unique combination of S-AWD with the e-BOXER powertrain. This incorporates a direct-injection 2.0-liter horizontally opposed four-cylinder engine paired with an electric motor within the customized Lineartronic transmission, achieving a smoother, 30% more linear, responsive acceleration and a highly responsive torque.


The Subaru e-BOXER system adjusts the power-split ratio between the dedicated 2.0-litre direct-injection (DI) engine and the electric motor to match the driving condition, changing between 3 driving modes: Engine driving, EV driving, and Motor Assist driving. From standstill, or at low speed, the electric motor alone powers the vehicle, for a quiet and zero-emission driving. Depending on the vehicle and battery condition, it can drive fully electric for distances ranging up to about 1.6km, and reach speeds up to 40km/h. At medium speeds, power combined both from the motor and the engine give a responsive, linear and fuel efficient acceleration, while at high-speed the 2.0L DI BOXER powers the vehicle while recharging the battery.


The standard driver-selectable mode (SI-DRIVE), is Subaru’s powertrain performance management system that allows the driver to tailor the vehicle’s throttle characteristics by choosing between “Intelligent” (“I”) and “Sport” (“S”) modes, adds more flexibility for a more convenient and enjoyable drive.


New to the MY2022 Forester is the e-Active Shift Control that automatically activates when in “S” mode of SI-DRIVE for a more agile and responsive driving, especially on winding roads.


With 220 millimeters of ground clearance, it is well suited for off-road adventures, while the dual function X-Mode ( “Snow/Dirt” and ”Deep snow/ Mud ” modes) is now offering improved functions, suited for a variety of weather and road conditions. A control function has been added that restores X-Mode system, with the ability to automatically re-engage once the vehicle speed drops to 35 km/h or less, enabling drivers to concentrate more on driving without needing to operate the switch again.


The Hill Descent Control function that automatically maintains a constant speed when travelling down hills with foot off the pedal, has been improved so that the brake is released when the accelerator is pressed further and the brake is applied immediately after the accelerator is subsequently released, so driver can fully focus on steering while driving downhill.


Keeping its rugged and capable character known as a workhorse, the 2022MY Forester offers a towing capacity of 1870 kg.

The roomiest, most capable Forester to date, features a high-quality interior, spacious passenger cabin and an expanded cargo compartment where the compact battery minimizes impact on cabin and cargo space of 509L (with the back seat up). The luggage volume even increases to 1,779L with the seats down, leading to up to 1.98 meter long loading area.


Upper cargo hooks have been adopted to make use of the height of the Forester’s trunk space, to facilitate safe hanging and holding of luggage.

The latest Forester model debuts a more rugged style based on the “DYNAMIC X SOLID” design philosophy, with a redesigned front fascia, grille, headlights and fog light covers.


New color choices include “Cascade Green Silica”, “Brilliant Bronze Metallic” and “Autumn Green Metallic”.

The 2022MY Forester is available with 8-inch screen navigation featuring the latest infotainment system compatible with Apple CarPlay*1 and Android AutoTM*2 .


More details about the 22MY Forester can be found in the Technical Specifications.

Pictures and videos are available at this link.




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