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  1. poniżej wiadomość od programisty Mirrorlink: Hello Unfortunately, with Subaru cars, we have reports that MirrorLink does not work in a large number of cases. Both your car and your phone must be MirrorLink compatible for the application to work. Your phone is OK. As far as the car is concerned, it depends on the region and vehicle equipment. But you can try it now! However, it is easy to try it. You must upload a certified MirrorLink application, such as RockScout, to your phone at first. (from Google Play Store). If you use the your phone to connect, the first time you connect the phone to the car with USB cable and in Samsung phone you go to Setting -Connection - Advanced Connection - MirrorLink and here confirm USB cable check. Then you should see a list of certified apps on your cars display show (if you have more than just RockScout) Only after starting any of them will you start FA for Auto. However, if your phone does not connect, your car is probably not equipped with the MirrorLink feature! (Check with your car dealer). The MirrorLink equipment varies by region and by car! At new one! - You can try to install Audioteca -https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=pl.k2.droidoaudioteka - in some Subaru cars this trick works and MirrorLink will work and mirror only this one single application. (https://www.facebook.com/groups/2023881637885003/permalink/2226140787659086/ ) If you fail to get the basic MirrorLink function - that is, displaying certified apps on the car display, do not buy our app - it will not work. To connect your phone to your car (if both have MirrorLink), you need a short and quality USB cable. (Recommendations for Samsung Phones USB 3.0 or 3.1 to 0.5 meters, no more !!). You must have at least one certified application on your phone. (such as RockScout from the Google Play Store). This is the foundation that you have to put into operation, without you or our application running. I will recommend you a few addresses where you can find all the basic things and especially in our FB group you can learn all the news and experience of other users: In the first step, you have to install a MirrorLink-certified application on your phone. (Eg RockScout, Glympse for Auto, Sygic Car Navigation, etc.) Then you should connect your vehicle phone and you should see a list of certified applications on the vehicle display. Run any of them - and right now you will see the Floating Apps for Auto launch icon !! Here you will find a video tutorial (video with subtitles!) - https://youtu.be/naQOuip6SSo Here you will find detailed instructions for installing and setting up FA for Auto - https://goo.gl/2NASBA Here are hundreds of good advice from other users -https://goo.gl/vpPyug If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact me. If you can get the MirrorLink connection set up, please enter your rating on the Google Play Store! If you fail to make MirrorLink work then please: 1. Do not write or comment on the Play Store. If you already wrote, please delete it. 2. Send me your payment ID from the receipt you received from the Play Store as a proof of payment. GPA begins. and continues with a group of numbers. 3. We will refund you all the money you paid for the application to the account from which the payment came. Regards Dajcie znać czy u Was coś drgnęło Wysłane z mojego SM-G960F przy użyciu Tapatalka
  2. Dzięki, ale za wiele to nie wnosi do tematu. Rozumiem, że trzeba kombinować może się uda ?
  3. Witam jestem nowym urzytkownikiem Forestera i prubuje uruchomić przeniesienie funkcji/aplikacji telefonu na ekran auta ale po kilku prubach poddałem się. Proszę o informacje jak to wykonać. Wysłane z mojego SM-G960F przy użyciu Tapatalka
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